Just the Facts, Ma’am

When I heard the pussy-grabber quote, I thought Trump was done.  Nope.  When he refused to disclose his taxes, I thought Trump was finished.  Not exactly.  When he declared that he would have won the popular vote if not for millions of illegal voters, I would have bet good money that he was sunk.  Still no.  And when he came down on the side of white supremacists . . . I wasn’t even fazed.  It’s just par for the course.  And it’s becoming clear—neither his base nor the GOP congress is calling him out.  Yes, his approval ratings are down, but he’s the new Teflon Don. 

The Washington Post reported that the president has made 492 false statements in his first 100 days and he’s still tweeting out whoppers at 3 AM.  So if you thought we could convince his base that he is misogynistic, bigoted, egotistical, and whatever-other-awful-adjective-you-want-to-add, then I’ve got a diploma to sell you from Trump University.  If the original plan was to get Trump supporters to jump the Trump Carnival Cruise ship and/or mutiny, it is now time to go to plan B. 


  Morning Ritual by Joep Bertram, the Netherlands

So, here’s my plan B:  Just stick to basic facts when confronting conservatives.  No, not the facts that are usually accepted as truth, because even those are being called fake by Trump supporters.  No, by basic facts, I mean merely keeping track of Trump’s campaign promises and policies.  To convince Trump supporters that the Donald is not doing a good job as president, simply ask these questions:

He promised to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act.  Has this happened?  No.

He promised to pull out of Afghanistan.  Has this happened?  No.

He promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.  Has this happened?  No.

He promised to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Has this happened?  Yes.

Okay, so there are promises that he has kept.  And there is a lot of time left on his 4-year sentence, er, term.  But he has put forth no coherent or cohesive policy with respect to other promises, e.g. bringing back jobs, building infrastructure, and getting rid of ISIS.  We’ve got a budget battle looming ahead and Trump has promised to leave Social Security alone.  Also, the debt limit must be addressed before the end of September with a possible government shutdown in the works, yet funds need to be secured for  Texas for the Hurricane Harvey damage.  Not to mention the foreign policy powder keg of North Korea.  So just keep track of how it plays out and see if/how Trump implements policy.  Not just his simple—sad—words, but actual policy.

Power to the People,




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