The Lawyers Will Save Us, Pt. 1

During the work week, I get to spend lunchtime with a bunch of lawyers.  (Now before you start tuning out, just give me a moment and the benefit of the doubt.)  Some are liberal, some conservative, some libertarian, some independents, even social democrats.  The whole spectrum.  So conversations can be extremely interesting, especially in this day and age of Trumptocracy.  Every topic is touched upon from a different angle.  However, there is one thing that they all can agree on:  the necessity of Law.

Laws protect the people.  Laws keep the republic functioning properly.  Everyone is held accountable to the same laws, and those laws protect our fundamental rights.  Attorneys take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the state in which they practice.  They will not stand for the abuse of the law.  A colleague who disobeys the law is shunned and not allowed to join in any reindeer games; a citizen (or company) who breaks the law should be held accountable.  A lawyer’s core of being is threatened when people break the law or disregard the law.  And that is why President Trump (and his cabinet) will face the fury of the legal eagles like no other President.

First off, there have been over 50 lawsuits against President Trump since his inauguration.  Most of those are legal challenges to his executive orders on the Muslim ban (yes, it is a ban) and sanctuary cities.  And as we have seen, these challenges are based on the disregard for the Constitution.  And no matter how much Trump whines about the judges making “very bad” decisions, no matter how much Attorney General Jeff Sessions mocks the state of Hawaii and the Federal District Judge Derrick Watson, the law is the law.  If you have a problem with the ruling, appeal the decision or rewrite the executive order.  That’s how it works.  The law is applied to all people, even the President.

But among those lawsuits are also a handful from citizens who claim they were assaulted and beaten by the crowds at Trump campaign rallies.  And these crowds, they claim, were incited by Donald Trump himself.  I do seem to remember Trump pointing and yelling “Get ‘em outta here!”

Then there’s Summer Servos, former contestant on “The Apprentice” in 2007, who accused Trump of sexual assault and harassment in October 2016 and has filed a defamation suit against the President.  She is suing for compensatory and punitive damages, but says she will waive the financial damages if he simply apologizes.  Will Billy Bush be blamed for egging Trump on in this case?

And let’s not forget that Trump already settled a suit against his Trump University.  Over 3,700 students were defrauded by Trump University; the case was settled for $25 million.  But even so, it is estimated that those students will only receive 80% of their “tuition” back.  If you do the math, Trump still ended up with at least $6 million of their money.  On a side note, Betsy DeVos probably considers Trump University a successful charter school.

These are all serious charges, but I think the bigger issue looms on the horizon.  One word:  emoluments.  Next time.

Power to the People,



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  1. Scott Goldberg

    Great blog. I’m lucky to be a part of your lunch time discussions . As Yoda might say, “Interesting they are.” And yes, we are all subject to Rules and Accountability. I’m looking forward to your future blogs.

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