Bold New Vagueness?

I have to admit that I didn’t watch the President’s address to the Congress last week.  I’m sure he didn’t mention my name or give a shout-out to those “wonderful people who blog fake news.”  In reading about the speech, I was able to get the gist of what he said:  absolutely nothing.

Many of the pundits said that he finally sounded presidential.  But I think the press has the bar set WAY TOO LOW.  If Hillary Clinton had given that speech, she would have been lambasted with jeers and chants for another Benghazi investigation.  I’ve heard preschoolers make more sense trying to explain how babies are made.  And just because you’ve figured out how to use a teleprompter (which the right incessantly criticized O’Bama for using), doesn’t mean that you can now be considered “presidential.”  Nope, you are not presidential until you show us policies, instead of vague ideas.

puppet-trumpfrom The Daily Beast


The fact remains that he is an anecdotal president.  He offers no real proof for his arguments or for his point of view and often reverts to just insulting people, with the hopes of getting a rise from the crowd.  He pulls numbers out of the air like Sesame Street’s the Amazing Mumford.  When he claims that 94 million Americans are out of work, he’s including retirees, students, and the disabled.  Heck, why not add babies into that calculation and make it an even 100 million?!?

But let’s be real:  he didn’t write that speech.  No Presidents write their own speeches anymore.  So who wrote this one?  It’s been reported that Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner were up late into the wee hours putting the finishing touches on that speech.  (“I think this would be a good place to add the keyphrase ‘big league.’”)  And if Steve Bannon has his hand in it, you’re going to hear phrases like “corporatist, globalist media” (Trump version: fake media), “deconstruction of the administrative state” (Trump version:  drain the swamp), and “the center core of what we believe” (Trump version: make America great again).  These are all Bannon’s tried and true white supremacist, anti-immigration stances.  You can check out the Breitbart site and find all of this living free in the wild right next to the Obama-wire-tapping-Trump-Tower story.

Does President Trump know what is behind the words that Bannon uses?  Does he understand that in using this language, he fails to bring the country together? Does he realize that he’s being played as Bannon’s puppet?  Does he really know now that health care is complicated?!?!?   Unfortunately, we won’t know the true answers to these questions until the President actual talks about specific policies and programs instead of vague boldness.

Power to the People,





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6 responses to “Bold New Vagueness?

  1. Sharon Healey

    Thank you for this forum!

  2. You’ve nailed it, Scooter! Trump’s crazy brain operates like a toddler on Red Bull. He bounces from one idea to the next, verbalizing it with a stream of conscience word-salad ending with the outcome that will get him the most attention.

    But here’s what scares me the most. During the campaign, a Washington Post article by Robert Costa described how Trump, “tends to echo the words of whomever last spoke to him.” You’ve got to believe that guy is, more often than not, Steve Bannon. Yikes!

    • One more thing. Here’s a behind the scenes video of Bannon and Trump preparing for a news conference:

    • scooterb1

      Thanks, Mike! Yes, the echo we are hearing is clearly Bannon’s voice.
      Hey, if you want to write a piece for the blog, I’m happy to post it. All depends if you’re up to the challenge.

      Thanks for reading,
      Scott “Scooter” Bokun

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