Full-Court Press

I was all set to write this week’s piece about the court’s rejection of President Trump’s executive order regarding the Muslim ban and what options are available to the Trump administration.  But then, as usual, something else suddenly came up, like the crabgrass that sprouted up out of nowhere in the corner of your lawn while you took a bathroom break from mowing.  And then another thing. And another.  Crabgrass growing on top of crabgrass with a dandelion crowning at the peak with a wasp hidden in it.


We had Michael Flynn resign.  White House leaks.  Russia connections.  Trump’s 70 minute-plus press conference where he chided reporters like children.  The misperception of how big/small his electoral victory actually was and voter fraud.  ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT VOTER FRAUD?!?!  When the victor keeps talking about voter fraud, it tells you a lot about the victor.  But Trump and his team (and the Republican Party, for that matter) have provided no evidence of voter fraud:


This is getting out of hand.  Trump aides and cabinet members are just making statements without any factual basis.  I can understand doing that during a campaign, but that ship sailed long ago.  They continue to come onto news shows, look right at the camera, and lie.  We’ve seen many a politician before do this; we are not spring chickens.  However, once the lie is revealed, the politician usually stops repeating it.  Not anymore.  So why is that and what can be done?  What are the options?

  • The news media can have these people on their shows and let them continue to lie.  That’s like putting the head of Exxon into the role of Secretary of State and wondering why oil companies keep getting all the breaks. (Wait.  Oh, never mind.)  The damage is done the second the lie is spoken.  It’s out there (again and again) in the airways, Fox News, and your crazy uncle’s Facebook post.  The more the lie is spoken, the easier it becomes fact-like.
  • The news media can stop having these people on their shows. The lies are not told on your show, but then the other side can say that you are not presenting both sides of the argument—you are neither being fair nor impartial.  Yellow card:  Liberal Corporate Media bias.
  • The news media can have these people on, but call them on their alternative facts. Which is what George Stephanopoulus did in the above clip.  Jake Tapper has also done it on CNN.  Even Matt Lauer did it to Kellyanne Conway on the Russia stuff.  You don’t have to be rude.  Just make the person back up their facts.  Call the bluff every time.  (Yet, as in option #1, the alternative fact still gets presented.)

So I guess option #3 is the best one, but Trump supporters will still claim that the media is not being fair.  “Why do they always have to disagree with the President?”  they will whine.  It has nothing to do with disagreeing.  It is all about the actual facts.  Facts which then form the Truth.  And getting the Truth to the public, that’s the name of the game.  But have the rules of the game been changed without us knowing it?  You bet they have, but that’s a topic for another time.  When we get a breather.   After we’ve cleared a little bit of the crabgrass.


Power to the People,



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  1. scooterb1

    From John Oliver, the humurous side to what we were just talking about above:

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