The Fast and the Furious

I was sitting on the couch just minding my own business, when my wife played a news clip with Kellyanne Conway and her “alternative facts.”  I exploded with the veins bulging in my head and started yelling, “Oh, my God, stop the world, I want to get off!  I can’t take it!”  (Only I didn’t say it so nicely.  I used quite a bit of profanity laced with guttural screams and scared the hell out of my wife.)

It’s only been two weeks of the Trump presidency and he’s signing executive orders faster than you can say “Is that legal?”  It’s like we’re on a really bad amusement park ride and the carnie behind the brake is a blind drunk clown.  You’re sick to your stomach after the first-time round, but you know it’s only going to get worse.


Since our President has the attention span of a dog (“Squirrel!”), he can’t stop himself and think about his actions for one second.  It’s messing up the country but, hell, it’s messing up my blog.  Trump does one thing on Monday morning that angers me and I try to put some thoughts down and organize a cohesive blog post. But by the time I’m halfway through, he’s already moved on to another faux pas and the Monday morning incident seems like it happened in 1998.

In this hyper reality, people wake up angry and go to bed angry—they are constantly angry or upset or full of anxiety or protesting.  The news cycle is running at light speed.  Breaking news interrupts breaking news. Twitter wars erupt faster than one can blink.  Many people feel that they are in a constant state of negativity with an undercurrent threat of survival.  Studies show that human beings cannot live like this, in a constant state of upheaval, in a relentless state of heightened anxiety.  But how do we stop it?

I have heard news stories about this.  Most say that one cannot focus on all the bad things or issues; you will drive yourself crazy.  Just pick one or two and put your energy into those.  But I disagree.  Not only do you have to pick one or two issues and actually do something about them, but you must somehow be vigilant and keep abreast of what is going on, what the truth is.  Try to let the craziness fuel your determination to fight for what is right.  (And a little alcohol never hurts.)  Because if we the people (and the press) let our guard down, the United States of America ride will literally go off the rails.

Power to the People,




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