Fake the Nation

(Note: The title of this piece is taken from the weekly political podcast “Fake the Nation” done by comedienne Negin Farsad. You should check it out: http://www.fakethenation.com/)

Living in Massachusetts, I have to admit that I haven’t come across a Trump suporter face-to-face. (At least, I don’t think so.) I’ve got to believe that the majority of them are not racist or xenophobic or narrow-minded. So I’ve been searching for some material on this, and I managed to find a lot of good info for y’all. However, my jaw dropped when I came across this:

Are you serious?!? Are we at the point where everyone can just make stuff up and call it a fact? This is insane. Well, surely in this next clip, Reince Priebus (Trump’s choice for Chief of Staff) will set the record straight about this voter fraud conspiracy.

Nope. Not gonna do that. At least John Dickerson tried to press Priebus and call him out, but Priebus just stuck to his guns, er, talking points.

And then for the icing on the cake, Rachel Maddow recently did a story on a new PPP (Public Policy Polling) poll about the election. Maddow December 8, 2016 Even though I had vowed on November 8 to never again take another poll seriously, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the results. According to this poll, the majority of Trump supporters believe that under President Obama the stock market has dropped (wrong) and the unemployment rate is up (wrong). And here’s the kicker: 40% of Trump supporters believe that Donald Trump won the popular vote. Welcome to Crazy Town, where Reality is a Dirty Word!

Besides making me upset, what is happening here? I’ve got my theories (which I’ll address in the next post), but I want to throw it out to you guys. What do you think? Just leave a note in the comment section. Facts are welcomed, but apparently not needed.

Power to the People,



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7 responses to “Fake the Nation

  1. Great idea to start this blog Scott! Keep the information coming!

  2. Sharon Healey

    I think what is happening is the more the rhetoric is told, the more it is ingrained in people’s minds until even the ones who don’t believe start to believe. Like 1984, (spoiler for those who haven’t read it) the last sentence of the book is He loved Big Brother. I will not love Big Brother.

  3. The internet has just about wiped out the newspaper industry and the 24 hour news cycle has crippled the integrity of TV news. Add conspiracy radio and reality TV to the equation and it becomes harder and harder discern run of the mill, hyperbolic sensationalism from the outright made-up bullshit.

    When legitimate news stories from former legitimate newspapers such as the Kansas City Star are followed by fake news “click bait” at the bottom of the page, all credibility is lost!

    When Matt Lauer follows a report on Aleppo with a puff piece on the Kardashians, which story is more important?

    Football coach Lou Holtz said everyone needs three things: something to do, something to believe in and someone to love. If the media can’t sort the important issues from the wacky, made-up stuff, too many of us are going to believe in the bullshit!

    • scooterb1

      So true, Mike, so true. When people start to believe that Sandy Hook is fiction and that Clinton is involved in a child sex-ring connected to a pizza place…..sigh, the inmates have taken over and credibility is being held hostage. Great to hear your down-to-earth Midwest opinion!

  4. Thanks for the forum. I have a lot of venting to do!

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