Punch to the Gut

Where were you on 9/11?  Or when Kennedy was shot?  Or when John Lennon died?  Now we can add “Where were you when Donald Trump became president?”  And how did it make you feel?  Did you feel like this:

Or was it more raging frustration like this:

Or maybe it was a slow burn like this:

Or maybe you were teetering on the abyss like this:

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  It was a shock to the system, a punch to the gut. Earlier in the day, I had been nervous but still confident that Clinton would win.  Early election returns were decent, but around 9:15 PM I started to feel uneasy.  By ten o’clock, I was ready to brace for impact.  I went to bed with very little hope and woke up with none.  The text I got in the morning from my youngest daughter in college was simple and to the point:  How did this happen?  My reply was basically this:  The fight begins today.  No use spending time trying to figure out the blame.  It was time to exercise our rights to make sure that things we’d been making progress on didn’t get torpedoed.  My fight begins with this blog.

Life Behind Enemy Lines’ raison d’être is three-fold.  First, it is simply therapy for me.  I need to get some of these thoughts/feelings/issues out there or I’ll go crazy.  (And my wife is probably tired of hearing me rant at the dinner table.)  Second, I hope to start up a conversation with anybody out there who may feel the same way (or may not–I know I’ve got relatives who are Trump supporters and I’d love to hear from them) and see if it can lead to a positive position.  And thirdly, I hope to motivate people (including myself) to get up off our collective butts and take action.

The blog is designed to be interactive.  Comments are always welcome.  In the right sidebar, you can find Truth by clicking on some sites that are constantly updated with news of the day.  In the footer you can find sites that will lead you to actual activism and not just talk–signing a petition on FB is fine, but actual face-to-face action is also required.  You’ll notice up on the top of the blog there are three tabs that I will try to keep updated.  Statements vs. Lies will keep track of the campaign promises/statements that Trump has made and see if he follows through.  Tracking the Stats will keep an eye on the US economic and social indicators from year to year so we can see how Obama left it and how Trump compares.  Who’s in Charge?  will contain brief bios of who Trump believes will help this country.  If there are stats or statements that you think I should add, please send me a comment or tweet and I’ll add it if I can verify it.

So welcome to the journey!  In the following weeks and months, I hope to hit upon the issues of racism in the Cabinet, fake news, the electoral college, the next step, the alt right, Islamophobia, and populism, just to name a few.  If writing something would help you deal with the situation, by all means, write it and send it to me to post.  The more contributors to the blog, the better it will be.  (And besides, I’ll need all the help I can get to keep this blog relevant.)

Power to the People,




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  1. Sharon Healey

    Thank you. I look forward to this journey and being active.

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