Enemy Headquarters

Living in the Boston area, if I want to see a professional baseball game, I’ve got to fork over the big bucks to go to Fenway Park. But being a Yankee fan, it pains me to cough up anything but insults for Red Sox Nation. Over the years, I’ve written a lot of negative things about Fenway (see previous blog post). I mean, how can MLB allow a park to seriously change the dimensions of the basic playing field?!?! Does the NFL permit a team to change the width of the field and then make it longer to compensate? Can an NBA team change the height of the goal at one end of a seriously sloped court? Let me know when that happens, please. But I digress. As I said, I hate to give my money to the Red Sox and their dinky field, but when an opportunity arises for me to go see a game for free…well, that’s a different story.

Last weekend, my wife and I fell into some free tickets to Fenway to see the Red Sox toy with the Chicago White Sox. We tried to cheer for the White Sox, but Robin Ventura’s team really gave us no opportunity to do so. The highlight of the evening was showing off my Yanks-in-Exile t-shirt in the bleachers!

Is that Boston fan looking at my butt?

Is that Boston fan looking at my butt?

The Red Sox fans in the bleachers were in a good mood, so no one gave me a hard time. However, the muscles in my neck were tense. Why, you ask? Well, we were sitting in the center field bleachers. Now you would assume that my view would be basically staring at a far-away home plate. Nope. This was my view sitting in my seat looking straight ahead:

Yep, that’s the right field yellow foul pole. I had to twist in my seat 45 degrees to see the infield. What kind of insane person builds a section with those seats? What kind of insane person buys a ticket to sit in those seats?! Not me, man. I went there for free, but I’ll be trying to send my chiropractor’s bill to the Red Sox medical staff.

(As I write this, the Yanks just lost in extra innings to the Red Sox after mounting a great comeback. Yeah, we lost tonight, but at least we lost in a proper stadium.)

It gets late early out there.


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