News Alert: Season on the Brink

In my last diatribe, I wrote that I was going on the Fan DL and that I needed assistance to get my New York Yankees groove back. It was your basic cry for help. Cheering for a team plagued by bad injuries, bad luck, and bad play was becoming a chore. (Not to mention the continuous A-Rod news alerts constantly chiming on my IPad’s ESPN app.) And while I did get some encouraging words, the majority of comments questioned my manhood, er, fanhood.

NEWS ALERT: The author will be issuing a statement about when he’s going to issue a statement about A-Rod later in this column.

A common sentiment was “we don’t need no fair-weather fans here.” I agree and I ain’t no fair-weather fan. I’ve toughed it out through the eighties with the Yankees and earned my stripes when I became further entrenched after moving up to the Boston area. Still, the majority of you told me to suck it up and take it like a man. Every year can’t be a championship season, but you can’t turn your back on the pinstripes. It’s not over till the fat lady sings mathematically. So, I’m declaring myself off the DL, skipping the rehab games, and joining the team immediately wearing my Yankees paraphernalia.

This is NOT me.  (cartoon by Mick Stevens for the New Yorker)

This is NOT me. (cartoon by Mick Stevens for the New Yorker)

NEWS ALERT: A-Rod has just finished brushing his teeth. His Listerine bottle has been booing him throughout the morning.

Well, after last night’s (or was it this morning’s) extra inning loss to the Chicago White Sox, do I think I acted too quickly? Simple answer: no. Still believe in the team. But did the Yankees play poorly in Chicago? Hell, yes. I think they were 3-for-33 with runners in scoring positionin the Chicago series. That is atrocious. And they managed to lose last night’s game twice. Pettitte pitched poorly. Kuroda deserved a win. And CC was not an ace. So what else is new?!? You dance with the one who brung ya.

NEWS ALERT: The author will be making a statement about A-Rod at the end of this column. Which is right now.

Which finally brings me to A-Rod. A-Rod rejoined the team but didn’t really help…unless you call boosting the YES ratings being helpful. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but it’s hard to see any innocence in the situation. There are a ton of feelings swirling around the A-Rod event, but one of my fellow fans, Shelley Puls Tamasi, put it nicely:
“How will it look to see him take the field for the first time this year? How will the rest of the team feel? How will the fans react?
I know how I will feel. He is a cheat, a liar and possibly a criminal. He doesn’t deserve the privilege to don that uniform and take the field under the Yankee starting roster. Any contribution he makes will be forever tainted.
He does not now, and, in my mind, has never embodied the meaning of being a true Yankee–to have the willingness to put the team first, to have a strong work ethic, to always be a positive role model, and to have a love of the game we all adore.
I just hope the rest of this is resolved quickly so we can get back to baseball as we know it. This season has been hard enough without all of soap opera of Biogenesis looming like a dark cloud.”

NEWS ALERT: It’s getting late early out there.



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