Flipping Out

Okay, it’s been a bad week for the Yankees. Getting swept by the lowly Mets and then losing 2 out of three to the Red Sox is a blow to the ego and a kick to the crotch. After a rain-delayed loss late last night, frustration and lack of sleep both contributed to the black cloud that is following me around today. But I also rediscovered something last night, a silver lining behind the thunderclouds, and hopefully it charges the Bronx Bombers as well.

It happened when Red Sox DH David Ortiz stepped up to the plate in the 6th just as the rain was starting to fall. Kuroda was struggling (and again so was the offense). The pitch came in and Ortiz sent it out, way out. And then he had to do this:

Now I remember why I don't like you.

Now I remember why I don’t like you.

And even though Boston sports-talk radio has spent 95% of today talking about the Bruins, Tony Massarotti of 98.5 FM the Sports Hub managed to squeeze in a comment about Big Papi’s bat flip. He called it “Mickey Mouse, minor league crap.” This is not the first time that Ortiz has pulled this low-class expression of disrespect. He’s done it his whole career, but I remember specifically an incident with the Yankees in June 2011 (check out my blog post from back then: https://lifebehindenemylines.wordpress.com/2011/06/)
It was a jerk move then and it’s a jerk move now.

So as the big tub chugged around the bases and then did his pointer-fingers-to-the-heavens gesture, I could feel my blood boiling. At the beginning of the season, I did not actually hate the Red Sox since they had cleaned house after the Bobby Valentine debacle. Their roster was significantly different, and I didn’t have a history with these Sox. They were not a part of the rivalry yet. But thank you, good ol’ David Ortiz! Thanks for bringing the hate back for me. I remember your arrogance. I remember your self-aggrandizing tone. And I remember it being reported that you had tested positive for steroids (and I remember you saying that you never took steroids knowingly). That immature bush-league bat flip brought it all back to me. And hopefully, it sparks the veterans in the Yankee line-up. It’s time to get up off the mat, put the pinstripes back on, and play with some passion and pride. And if you start to get complacent, just check out that gif of Ortiz and I promise you’ll get flippin’ mad.

It gets late early out there.



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