Insult To Injury

We all held our breath when we saw Mariano Rivera hit the ground in Kansas City last year. Then A-Rod needed surgery. Then Jeter broke his ankle. Our faces turned blue. Then Teixeira hurt his wrist. And then Granderson got hit by a pitch. And then we all passed out due to lack of oxygen. At least the NY Yankees can joke about it, as witnessed in KC this weekend. Even Mo can laugh about it now.

Mo has the last laugh at the spot of his injury in KC.

Mo has the last laugh at the spot of his injury in KC.

But is it just me or are there more injuries in baseball than ever before? I’m not just talking about broken bones–fluke injuries due to being hit by a pitch or crashing into an outfield wall. I’m talking about the weird injuries like the one that happened to Nunez. Pulling a muscle near the ribs while taking practice swings in the on-deck circle? ARE YOU SERIOUS, DUDE? I can pull a muscle springing out of bed to answer a late-night phone call, but I’m almost fifty! Nunez is only 25!!!

Suzyn Waldman on the radio broadcast went off the handle when Nunie was replaced in that game. What is wrong with players today? Her answer was that too many players are in the weight room too often, during the season AND the off-season. And that leads to stress on the body. (Hmmm…could it also be the use of steroids in the weight room as well?) Waldman and Sterling went on to reminisce about all the ballplayers who were definitely not bench-pressing anything except beers after the game. David Wells, who never cared about muscles, was quoted as saying “You can’t pull fat.” Maybe there is something to that. If anyone out there has any answers or possible reasons for the huge list of injuries around the league, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll check the comments section after I ice my wrists after all this typing.

It gets late early out there.




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2 responses to “Insult To Injury

  1. Sean Breslin

    The sport gets more intense every year, and a long season gets even longer when players try to play hurt.

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