Pettitte Uses the Force

Well, we’ve been through the opening week of the baseball season. There have been some cold nights where the players were dressed up like alien bank robbers. And there have been some picture-perfect day games. But what have we learned about the Yankees? It seems that the thing we were most certain about—the pitching—has been shaky. And the hitting, which was a big unknown, has slowly become a nice surprise. We are getting extra-base hits and even home runs, but our pitchers have been very inconsistent. And the best game we had (the third game against the Red Sox) felt like we’d taken a time machine back a decade where Andy Pettitte and Mo teamed up for a very solid pitching display. This was the 69th time that Pettitte has won a game with Mo finishing it. Crazy stat #1.


(Andy Wan Kenobi from Brad V. over at his super Yankee blog “An A-Blog for A-Rod”)
Pettitte may be a gazillion years old, but he stills knows how to pitch. He got a number of double-play balls to stop the Red Sox in their tracks. And he did four important things that all the other Yankee starters have failed to do: 1) get an out when the batter has two strikes, 2) prevent any two out rallies, 3) limit the number of walks, and 4) bring a lightsaber to a fist fight. He has said previously that he shouldn’t need more than fifteen pitches an inning to be successful. And with 8 innings of work with 94 pitches, he did even better. Pettitte used the force and kept the Yankees from being swept at home. (He’s now 18-3 when pitching in a game to prevent the Yankees from being swept. Crazy stat #2.)
As I write this, I’m listening to CC pitch a great game against Detroit. Perhaps he took some notes during Pettitte’s start. Whatever the reason, it’s looking good that the Yanks will not get swept by the Tigers. So hopefully, the hitting and the pitching will start to get in sync, because if we only win every third game… we end up with a losing record in last place. And that would be a very bad crazy stat #3.

It gets late early out there.



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