Not the NY Yankees?

The Yankees open their season Monday against the Red Sox in New York City. And it’s only fitting that it is April Fool’s Day when you take a look at the projected lineup. But before we do that, a little bit of back story.
Last year when A-Rod broke his hand, I was the only member in my family who was paying attention (see my blog post Eric Chavez started to take over the third base position. But my kids thought A-Rod was still playing. So when we were listening to the game one night (yes, listening on the old-fashioned radio) and John Sterling announces that Chavez is playing third, my oldest daughter says “Who’s playing third?” And her younger sister answers, “Well, it’s not A-Rod.” And ever since that night, we have called Chavez Not-A-Rod. “Nice throw to first, Not A-Rod!” “C’mon, Not-A-Rod. Time to get a hit!”
So with that in mind, may I present the projected lineup for the Yankees on Opening Day:
1. CF: Not-Granderson
2. RF: Not-Swisher
3. 2B: Robinson Cano
4. 1B: Not-Teixeira
5. DH: Not-Ibanez
6. LF: Not-Jones
7. SS: Not-Jeter
8. 3B: Not A-Rod
9. C: Not-Martin
SP: CC Sabathia

Okay, okay, I took a little liberty and actually there are players in the line-up who played for the Yanks last year, either in back-up positions or as mid-season replacements. And there are some veterans as well, so it’s not a complete crapshoot. It really looks like this:
1. CF: Brett Gardner
2. RF: Ichiro Suzuki
3. 2B: Robinson Cano
4. 1B: Kevin Youkilis
5. DH: Ben Francisco
6. LF: Vernon Wells
7. SS: Eduardo Nunez
8. 3B: Jayson Nix
9. C: Chris Stewart
SP: CC Sabathia

And we’d better get used to it. It’s not as strong as we’d hoped, but this is what we have at the moment. It will hopefully only get better as the season rolls along. Yet, this doesn’t mean that we toss in the hat. Hell, no, we’re Yankee fans and we’ll stay until the ballgame is over. None of this ducking out of the game in the seventh inning to beat the traffic. We’re sticking it out until the final out, regardless of the names on the DL. Who’s with me?!? Let’s go, Yankees!

It gets late early out there.




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2 responses to “Not the NY Yankees?

  1. Love the post…but don’t remind me!! Go (almost) Yankees! 😦

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