I Pulled a Muscle Typing this Headline!

You gotta be kidding me. Cashman breaks his ankle in a skydiving accident? Really, dude? Next, we’ll hear that Girardi broke his wrist erasing Granderson’s name from the lineup card. Is this an omen to tell us to brace ourselves for an injury-plagued season? Because even though Jeter and Mo are almost ready, Hughes tweaked his back and Logan still has nagging elbow soreness. And A-Rod and Granderson are already out for a few months (or more). It’s only 27 days left till the opener! Can everyone just stay healthy until then?!?

"Now I know how Jeter felt."  photo from John Harper

“Now I know how Jeter felt.” photo from John Harper

In my effort to take John Warren’s advice (from the Yanks in Exile website) and remain calm, I came upon this article in The Wall Street Journal today. (Yes, whenever I’m looking for good sports reporting, I turn to the Journal. Doesn’t everybody?) It’s about Ichiro’s stretching regimen and the machines he uses in his “secret gym.” Almost expected him to admit that he’s Batman.
In any event, check it out. It’s very interesting and a breath of fresh air from all this banned-substances-in-the-weight-room talk. And it’s nice to hear about a 39-year-old guy who can still play the outfield without pulling a groin muscle. I’m eight years older than Ichiro and my hamstrings were twitching just looking at the photos. Heck, a good day for me is if I don’t pull a muscle when I yawn. Ouch. Better post this before my carpal tunnel syndrome kicks in. Stay healthy, Yankees!

It gets late early out there.



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