The Yankees Are Mrs. Nesbitt

And just like that…the ten-game lead is gone.

While the Red Sox have blown up their team and traded away their overpaid talent, the Yankees have just plain blown up.  They were in first place and had a very big lead in late July.  Now with just 27 games to go, the Bronx Bombers find themselves on life-support, hoping that they can muster the energy for a pedal-to-the-metal run to the postseason.

We’ve been playing some extremely bad baseball lately.  And it’s time to put up or shut up.  Our pitching has to become more consistent.  And our bats have to hit with runners in scoring position.  True, we’ve had a ridiculous amount of injuries to our star players, but that’s baseball.  Every team has injuries every year, and every team has their share of adversity.  But the best teams rise above and stick their collective tongues out at adversity as they dance on the pitcher’s mound.    Yankee fans want to see that dance, not the shot of the lone player in the dugout with his head down.  Yankee fans don’t like losing.  (Which begs the question:  does anybody like losing?  “I thrive on competition, but there’s nothing I savor more than a difficult loss to make me realize that I’m just not that good.”  Not something you hear from any human, ever.)

One of my favorite Yankee bloggers, Brad over at An A-Blog for A-Rod, just today compared the Yankees’ situation to Woody and Buzz arguing in Toy Story.  How one is freakin’ out and the other is calm.  How one is trying to deal with reality while the other doesn’t admit to the reality.  (I’m not going to repeat his insightful musings here but you can read it yourself at )  I’m going to take it one step further for all you Toy Story fans:  The Yankees have become Mrs. Nesbitt.

Hopefully, tonight is when Mrs. Nesbitt takes off the apron and gets back to business.  To infinity and beyond, boys!

It gets late early out there.




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  1. Thanks for the shout out, dude.

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