Bobby V. and His Big Mouth

The season hasn’t even started yet and already I can’t stand Bobby Valentine, the new Red Sox manager.  The guy has an opinion on everything and he feels the need to share it every possible moment.  The Boston Globe this past weekend had a huge Bobby V. pull-out section.  I pulled it out of the paper and tossed it immediately in the recycle bin.  Then I felt guilty.  So I pulled it out of the bin and threw it in the trash.  Garbage shouldn’t be recycled.

Bobby Valentine acts like he’s God’s gift to baseball.  But the fact remains that he’s been fired from every managerial job he’s ever had.  The Texas Rangers fired him.  The Mets fired him.  The Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan fired him twice.  He’s never won the World Series.  Yet, he thinks he is the best manager ever.  The guy has to critically comment on how other teams act, what other teams do, because he knows best.   Betcha didn’t know that Bobby V. single-handedly won World War II, even though he was only negative-five years old.  He thinks he’s that guy in the Dos Equis beer commercials–The Most Interesting Man in the World.  “He doesn’t run with the bulls, he walks.”

When the Yankees played the Red Sox in a Spring Training game this year, Bobby V. came loaded for bear.  The Yankees were winning by one in the 9th inning, when the Bobster called for a suicide squeeze to tie the game.  A suicide squeeze bunt in a Spring Training game?  Both teams were not playing their varsity players; it’s a time where players get back into shape and managers see who’s got what it takes to make the team.  Not Bobby V.  In his infinite wisdom, he feels that he’s got to stick it to the Yankees and show the world that the Red Sox are ready to dominate…in a Spring Training game.  Well, NY Yankee Manager Joe Girardi got fed up with this posturing.  At the end of the inning, Joe tells the umpire that he didn’t bring any other pitchers for extra innings; we can’t continue the game so it’s a tie.  Game Over.  In other words, Bobby V., wait till the games matter, then you can show us how great you are.  Needless to say, this treatment did not sit well with Valentine…and he was happy to tell everyone about it.

The only good thing that Bobby Valentine brings to the table is that he re-energizes the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry.  I admit, it was hard to hate Terry Francona.  He was a decent soul and got great results from his players, without appearing condescending or self-promoting.  But now Valentine, with his Bobby-Knows-Best routine, makes it easy to hate the Red Sox, as easy as hating a bad case of diarrhea.

And we hate you, Bobby. Now shut up and get ready to face the music! (Cue Sinatra)

And just today we find out that Bobby V. will have weekly radio show with Michael Kay (the NY Yankee play-by-play announcer) on ESPN Radio New York.  Wait a minute…did I write ESPN Radio New York?  Yep, he believes he commands such an audience that fans in New York will want to listen to him.  His ego is sooooo big that it extends over all New England and then some.  This is a crazy idea.  It’s like Joe Girardi doing a Coach’s Corner show on the Boston airways.  Why would anyone listen?  Why would you want to talk to fans that hate you?  Well, Bobby’s answer probably is “even if you hate me, you still should listen to my opinions because I am The Most Interesting Man in the World.”  Puh-lease.

It gets late early out there.



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