The Natives Get Restless

Boy, I tell ya, the last two weeks in the Boston area have been a blast.  The HMS Red Sox Nation is sinking and the fans are wicked pissed.  The Fenway crowd booed the team off the field as the Sox lost their last game at home this week.  The sports talk radio waves are jam-packed with scathing critiques.  Who’s responsible?  Who wants a slice of the big blame pie?  Come and get it!!  The GM, the manager, the starting rotation, the loudmouth peanut vendor in section 215, the guy who cuts the Fenway outfield grass…everyone shares the blame for their awful September record of 5-16.

Think about it for a moment.  On September 1, the Red Sox were in first place.  Three weeks later, the Yankees clinched the AL East, with the Sox struggling to keep pace in the Wild Card race.  It could turn out to be a bigger collapse than Greece.  The Yankees play the Sox three more times this year, but the beloved Bombers have already taken care of business.  And as if it couldn’t get any worse, the Red Sox will have to root for the Yankees the last three games of the season.  You see, the Yankees play the Rays who are right behind the Red Sox for the Wild Card spot.  What a tangled web, eh?

In all honesty, with only 6 games left, the Red Sox are probably going to back into the postseason.  Woo-hoo or boo-hoo.  You can limp to the finish line, but there’s another race right after that.  Just because you get to the playoffs doesn’t mean that you start fresh.  Injuries don’t magically disappear.  Players don’t get extra days of rest.  Pitchers don’t fix their mechanics over lunch.  And the team’s ego?  The attitude of the fans?  Well, it remains to be seen if Boston can salvage the season.  One thing’s for sure:  we may be behind enemy lines but it’s the locals who are being tortured.

It gets late early out there.



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