Did you feel that?

A few days ago in the Boston area, the ground started shaking a bit.  I must say, it was a weird experience.  My wife and I were in a 6th floor conference room when all of a sudden, I felt like I had had too much coffee; my equilibrium was off.  The room gently swayed and my chair appeared to be on ill-fitting rollers.  The blinds shuddered like a strong wind was coming in through an open window.  I thought to myself, If this building starts to topple over, I’ll know just what to do since I’ve seen Transformers 3.  But first I would need to find some rope and a few semi-automatic weapons.  Before I could start looking for those items, the sensations stopped.  In less than a minute, everything was stable once again.   Some thought it was an earthquake.  But scientists now claim that it was the impact of the Red Sox taking back first place in the AL East.

devastation from earthquake (photo is making the rounds on the web)

Yeah, so what?  The Sox retook the pole position while the Yankees struggled.  It wouldn’t be a great rivalry if they didn’t continue to fight for first place.  And I’m sure that they’ll trade positions a few more times before the regular season is over.

In the meantime, there’s a hurricane abrewing off the East Coast.  The same scientists from the first paragraph above have discovered that it was started by the powerful swings of the Bronx Bombers yesterday as they cruised to a 22-9 victory.  Folks, the Yankees hit three grand slams yesterday, which is a major league record.  They cranked out 21 hits against the Oakland A’s, who actually took the first two games of the series.  The Yankees made them pay and now the rest of the East Coast will be experiencing high winds and torrential downpours over the next three days.  Look out, Boston, because after this weekend we’ve got another series against you and this time a hard rain’s a gonna fall.

It gets late early out there.



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  1. I just said that a number of days ago!!!

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