July 4th–Jeter Returns

The weather is looking good.  The grill is preheating.  The fireworks are getting ready to explode.  And Derek Jeter (or as we like to call him, Mr. Best) is back on the field today after a stint on the DL.  Yeah, the Yanks lost a tough one yesterday in extra innings, but a seven-game win streak is not too shabby.  And now that the Captain is back, it’s time to start a new streak.  Not to mention Jeter’s quest for 3000 hits–it’ll happen real soon.

It being a holiday weekend and all, The Boston Globe did a story on Sunday about tourists coming into the city.  One visitor, Mike Fein of New Orleans, expecting a lot of Red Sox fans, said, ” It’s more open-minded than I thought.  My wife made me leave my Yankee gear at home [though].”    Mike, I don’t know where you were in Boston, but you got lucky, my friend.  Usually the mean stares alone can pierce your pinstripe heart.

Maybe there is something in the air, though, because the incident that befell me was pretty minor.  We had company in over the weekend, so we all went into Boston to see the sights and ended up inside the Prudential Center shopping mall, taking in the people and window-shopping.  I was in need of a cover for my new Ipod and stopped at a kiosk full of gel skins.  I asked the guy, “You got any Yankee covers?”  He looked at me suspiciously and replied, “No, no, no.  This is Boston.”  I chuckled and walked away, while my kids berated me for even asking.  Oh, well, I guess I’ll spend my Yankee currency somewhere else.  (In all fairness, the guy only had Boston teams at his kiosk.  So it was a hometown-team bias, not an anti-Yankee thing.)

It gets late early out there.





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