A Little Chin Music

Well, the city of Boston is finally coming down from the Stanley Cup high.  And they’ve turned their attention to the Red Sox just as they hit a stretch of interleague play, a stretch of games that they should win but are not.  At the moment, they have lost 2 out of 3 to the Padres and 2 out of 3 to the Pirates (yes, those scallywags who haven’t had a winning season since Papa Bush was in office).  Boston fans are complaining about interleague play because they lose their DH David Ortiz in National League parks; however, the Red Sox have the fourth best interleague record.  And apparently when they host National teams at Fenway, everyone is on an equal playing field.  Yeah, right.  When you think of it, isn’t the World Series a set of interleague games?  Wouldn’t you want the practice?

In any event, it’s David Ortiz who has been openly upset about not playing for nine games straight on the Red Sox interleague road trip.  Boo hoo, Big Papi.  You should be grateful that you can sit on the bench and get some rest.  Give me a break.  You want to play a real position every day?  Get off the ‘roids and get into shape.  And quit with the pointer-fingers-to-God when you cross the plate after a homer.  (God doesn’t watch baseball; he’s a NASCAR guy.)

As you can tell by my tone, Ortiz is not on my Christmas card list at the moment.  It all goes back to a few weeks ago when the Red Sox swept the Yankees in NYC.  Over the course of three games, Red Sox pitchers hit 6 different Yankee batters.  Then Ortiz hit a home run, watched it shoot into the sky, and flipped the bat as he began his home run trot (and I do mean trot).  Not cool. And the Boston media let him have it.  “Act like you’ve done this before.”  “It’s just a game in June, not the World Series.”  Tony Massarotti on 98.5 FM the Sports Hub chatted about it in between Bruins callers.  Maz said that you can’t do that and not get hit by a pitch sooner or later.  Or more likely, one of Ortiz’s teammates was going to get drilled.  And when enough of your teammates get beaned, they’ll tell Ortiz he’s got to cut out that crap.  Maz told the truth.  Sure enough, the next game, CC Sabithia hit Ortiz with a pitch.  (Believe it or not, it was the first time in 161 games against the Yankees that Big Papi had been hit by a pitch.)  And what did Ortiz say afterward?    First, he angrily announced to the media that he would not be taking questions.  And then he said, “I just want to thank you guy(s) – not all of you, most of you – for the stat today: me not getting hit by the Yankees. I finally got hit. I hope you *****s are happy.”  Then he called them “unprofessional” and ended the interview session with “You guys like to criticize us when we **** up. Criticize yourself now.  I’m not talking no more. Good night.”

I used to respect Papi.  But I have four-year-olds in my preschool class who are more mature.  So Senor DH, enjoy your time on the bench and think about what you’re doing.  The next time Ortiz gets up to bat and digs in (the guy digs a hole to China when he’s in the box), he’ll only have himself to blame if he gets plunked.

It gets late early out there.



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