Good News, Bad News

Oh, jeez, this is getting annoying.  The Red Sox have come into NYC and kicked the tar out of the Yankees for two days.  Luckily, the fans in Boston are soooo focused on the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup that they haven’t noticed that the Sox have overtaken the Bombers and are in first place by a game.  I’m wearing my Yankees hat around town and people aren’t giving me a mouthful!   I guess that’s good news, eh?

So let’s break it down:

  • Good News:  No one in Boston cares about the Red Sox at the moment.  It’s all Bruins, baby!

Bad News:  The Sox have pulled it together and are playing like they should be.

  • Good News:  Jeter is getting very close to 3000 hits.

Bad News:  His hits are weak and MLB may change the acronym GIDP with the letters JETER.

  • Good News:  Teixeira got his knee smashed with a wild pitch and was able to come back the next day and play.

Bad News:  The Yankees have not retaliated.  Lester hit two Yanks in the same game and Ortiz showboated on a home run like he was breaking Hank Aaron’s record.  Enough is enough.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much hockey lately, but those NHL guys hold a grudge and dish out paybacks like nobody’s business.  Even the Bruins goalie Tim Thomas can whack an opponent when the time is right.  But not the Yankees.  Heck, last night would have been a perfect time to let AJ Burnett throw some chin music and if he hits a guy, well, that’s AJ being wild again.

  • Good News:  Francisco Cervelli, our backup catcher, got some playing time last night.

Bad News:  He cost us two runs by overthrowing second on two steal attempts.  However, if anybody ever tries to steal center field against Cervelli, Fran will gun them down.

  • Good News:  Phil Hughes is making slow progress in his rehabilitation

Bad News: We still don’t know what’s wrong with him.

  • Good News:  CC is pitching tonight.

Bad News:  Josh Beckett is pitching tonight.  No, wait, let’s end this on a positive note.  It’s time to treat Beckett like the pottymouth he is.  All’s it takes is to hit this guy hard and get him deep in the count.  This could be one of those games, a turning point in the season.  CC pitches a complete no-hitter and the Yankees put on a batting practice display against Beckett and his silly facial hair.  It’s time.


It gets late early out there.




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  1. Phred Bokun

    Really liked the good-news-bad-news blog, especially the thing with Cervelli. Nicely done.


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