We Cool

Do you know who Derek Jeter is?!?! “Fan”?

I saw one of the “cool” kids at my school wearing a Yankee hat the other day, and it really got under my skin. It bothers me how “popular” people get away with wearing a Yankee hat. Somehow, no one cares. No one brings it up. I wear mine two steps into the school and everyone notices, tries to steal it, and so on. The difference? It’s clear that I’m a fan. I don’t wear the hat to be “cool”. I wear it to support my team.

Now here comes the inner conflict. If classmates and celebrities are wearing a Yankee hat to be “cool”, I should be happy. People think that the symbol is cool! It is part of pop culture! Great! But since they’re not fans, do they deserve to be a walking billboard? Are they worthy? Both ways of wearing a Yankee hat are showing support. I’m supporting my team, they’re supporting the design. Downside–my support gets me glares, theirs get headnods and approval. Much like a cookie, I guess that’s the way it crumbles. Darn the “cool” factor!

It’s deja vu all over again.




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4 responses to “We Cool

  1. Phred Bokun

    Hey Lilly,

    YOU are one of the COOL ones. You just don’t know it yet.


  2. It is a problem! I am NOT a Yankees fan. So this irritates me to an extreme- this idea that the yankee symbol isn’t about baseball anymore- it’s about status and culture and… blah. It’s annoying. I live in North Carolina and I see people with those neon green Yankees trucker hats. You know they don’t know the Yankee record. They don’t know anything about the actual game. But they wear the hat like they’re a Steinbrenner. So annoying.

    • lillyb12

      Common ground! I know of a similar thing happening up here with the Sox and pink hats. Those who wear pink Sox hats aren’t real fans by sterotype.

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