Lost Weekend

Is it over?  Has the pathetic display of wasted opportunities come to an end?  Has the offense stopped being offensive?  Got bad news, Yankee fans, it’s still a slumping team on the field.  Whether they are batting or fielding, they look lost.  And if the starting pitching is decent, the bullpen gives it up (or vice-versa).  The Baseball Gods were chuckling as the Red Sox swept the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and got their record to .500.

Just one win out of the three games?  Was it too much to ask for?   I’ve been battling allergies/basic cold symptoms all weekend, looking for a little relief.  Each night, my cold medicine would wear off around 10 PM, just in time to make me feel miserable physically as the Yankees coughed it up in the late innings.  My nose is running faster than Brett Gardner on the basepaths.  My eyes are all red and swollen, but I can see the ball better than Teixara right now.

The Yankees, just like the Celtics, have become old in a matter of games.  Not to mention the stuff about Posada being dropped to ninth in the order and then pulling himself out of the lineup.  Not cool, man.  I could go on and on, but my head is so stuffed that I can’t hear myself think.

At least when my Red Sox friends came by to gloat (and actually they were pretty nice to me–probably because I looked like I’d just stepped out of a bacteria-filled hot zone), I was able to join in with them chanting “Yankees suck!”  Because they did this weekend.  And to Red Sox Nation–glad we could help you get to .500.  Pass the tissues, please.


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