I’ve seen this movie before

Had a bad feeling about this Chicago White Sox game right from the getgo.  Playing a team that’s on a losing streak is always difficult.  And while AJ Burnett has three wins, he’s been a little inconsistent.  But the killer is that Philip Humber–you know, the guy who’s been up for a Cy Young award every year since his debut in 2006 (not)–made the Bronx Bombers look like the a bunch of Little Leaguers.  If memory serves (and lately it hasn’t been doing so well), the Yankees have had this problem for the last two years:  if they’ve never faced the opposing pitcher, they look lost at the plate and the pitcher has the game of his life.  Tonight was no different.  A pitcher who wasn’t in the rotation until Jake Peavy was placed on the DL had a coming out party and gave the Yankees the booby prize.

We only lost 2–0, but we wasted a great outing from AJ.  At least my nephew in Chicago will be happy about this.  But, Bobby, don’t get used to it.  We’ve seen Gavin Floyd pitch before!

It gets late early out there.  (And it did.)



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One response to “I’ve seen this movie before

  1. Bobby

    Yesh! The white sox finally won!

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