Even in Philly??

So we’re on a trip to Philadelphia to see some of Michele’s family and to check out some colleges for Abby.  While we’re walking around Drexel, our spunky tour guide Lana tells the big group about being in the city of Philadelphia.  “If you’re at Drexel, you pretty much have to be a Phillies fans.  We painted this walkway red and white during the World Series a few years ago.  So if you’re a Yankees fan, this is the end of your tour.  So long.  Goodbye.”  Now she said it jokingly, but even in the City of Brotherly Love?  Really?? I’ve got nothing against the Phillies.  And even if Phillies ace Cliff Lee decided that he couldn’t take the pressure of NYC and its fabulous (but demanding) fans, I still don’t have any animosity towards the Phils.

(As a sidebar, a few years back we all went to a Phillies game near the beginning of the season.  In the winter, the Yankees had let go of a solid pitcher by the name of Jon Lieber, who ended up signing with the Phillies.  He was pitching the day we were there.  So we wore our Yankee caps and brought a big sign into the stadium that read:  “Dear Jon,  We goofed.  Please come back.  Love, the NY Yankees.”  The fans thought it was pretty funny and didn’t give us a hard time at all.)

The trip ended on a happy and surprising note.  We were touring Montclair State University in New Jersey and came across the Yogi Berra Stadium next to a big campus parking lot.  It’s a very nice ballpark for the New Jersey Jackals, a professional team in the independent Can-Am League.  Turns out Yogi used to live in Montclair, NJ when he played on and managed the Yankees.  He still comes out to the stadium and signs autographs.

It gets late early out there.




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2 responses to “Even in Philly??

  1. That’s a hilarious sign. I need to make one for Adrian Beltre.

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