Walk the walks

Good grief.  After having a great comeback against the Orioles on Thursday, the Yanks struggled and shot themselves in the foot on Friday.  You know there’s trouble when Lance Pendleton (Who?  Yes, Lance Pendleton.  Sounds like the name of your high school student union president.) is brought in to pitch.  Pendleton did pitch well, though, and allowed the Yankees to fight back.  But the offense hit into SIX double plays to kill any and all rallies.

The Super Nova fizzled and couldn’t find the strike zone.  He walked 5 guys (one hit by a pitch) and threw a wild pitch.  David Robertson walked another and then threw 2 wild pitches.  You hate to see teams score against you without getting a hit!  So what else could go wrong with the pitching?  Well, they put Phil Hughes on the DL.  The reason?  “Dead arm” is the official diagnosis.  Really?!  Doesn’t that happen to pitchers later in the season and not in the first ten days?  It’s like a school teacher getting burned out before Labor Day.  Let’s hope the Yankees can get some consistent pitching from 5th starter Freddy Garcia today (as I write the Yanks are winning 3–0 going into the 5th inning).

So let’s put on a happy face…by checking out the pie in Swisher’s face:


It gets late early out there.



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