Day off

The Yanks had the day off yesterday, which was good since A-Rod has flu symptoms.  (With all the spitting that goes on in baseball, I’m surprised that more players aren’t laid up with massive colds and sinus infections.)  The Sox, on the other hand, hosted the lowly Tampa Bay Rays.  Actually, both those teams are lowly at this point.  Before the game, Boston sports talk radio spun it like this:  The Rays won’t be returning to the playoffs this year because all of their good players were traded or signed with other teams.  They are a mere shadow of their former selves and the Red Sox should have an easy time of it.  Folks, this mere shadow of a team crushed Boston last night 16–5.  In their first nine games, the Rays only scored 20 runs.  In one game with Boston, they almost doubled their run total for the season!  If you watch the highlights from this game, you will see every kind of hit imaginable.

Last week, I came across this column in the Boston Globe that tried to explain what Red Sox Nation was all about.  Welcome home, Agony! It’s a good article that’s worthwhile and funny, but it doesn’t make me want to switch allegiances.

It gets late early out there.



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  1. Dave

    Bostonians will suffer a looooooooooooong slooooooooooow death this baseball season.

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