Tough Day

Yesterday was a tough day.  The Yankees came into town to play the Sox in the first Fenway game of the year.  It didn’t help that the Sox were on a six-game losing streak and were winless.  You never want to play a team on a big losing streak; the odds are against you.  Phil Hughes having difficulty with his speed and location also made it difficult to be positive.

But the hardest part is being around friends at work who are of course Red Sox fans.  You want to be excited with them and show their fandom some respect.  They’ve all got their Sox jerseys and hats on, while I’ve got a Yankees shirt under my sweatshirt.  A few were even leaving work early to attend the game.  So I was saying things like, “You guys will probably win this afternoon.  The Sox are just in a funk at the moment.”  They’d all agree, but they were worried and full of doubt.  Colleen G. went even further saying that she’s seen the Yankees dominate the Sox before–why should this weekend be any different??  (And that reminded me of the time the Yanks swept five games from the Sox at Fenway a few seasons ago…but that’s a story for another time.)

I took a moment and popped into Christine S.’s office.  Christine, like me, cheers for the good guys.  We are a small Yankee island in a sea of Sox fans.  We both agreed that the Sox would eventually win a game, but then we both looked at each other with a twinkle in our eyes and agreed that the weekend would be better if their record ended up being 0–9.   We can dream, can’t we?!

I was still at work when the game started so I was listening to the Yankee broadcast on the internet.  At the end of one-and-a-half innings, the Yanks were up 3–1.  So I left work in a good mood.  Now I could have turned the game on the radio on the drive home, but the Sox announcers annoy me so (another story for another time).  I drove home in a happy silence.  I get home, turn the TV on and see that the score is 3–6;  what the heck happened?!  Thanks, Phil Hughes!  Way to give the Red Sox a giant serving of confidence!

The Yanks battled back, but the Sox came out on top.  They deserved the win, but it still was a downer.  Looking forward to better results this afternoon.

It gets late early out there.



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