Best Team Ever?

For months, the Boston sports media has been hailing the 2011 Boston Red Sox as the Best Team Ever.  Theo Epstein has put together the best hitters, pitchers, coaches, and ballboys ever to grace Fenway.  They didn’t have a good spring training, but, hey, it’s spring training.  But now they’ve played five games..and lost all five.  Yes, it is early, but can we say that the Boston fans got a little ahead of themselves?  I mean, the buzz around town was all about how the Sox were going to beat the Philly pitching staff in the World Series!

Who’s to say what will happen in 162 games?  That’s why we play the games.  The Yankees blew a lead in the 8th inning the other night and lost in extra innings.  Was that pathetic?  Yes, but that’s why we play the games.  Doesn’t matter how things look on paper.  It all comes down to how you play the games on the field.

And what happens on the field seems to permeate the mood of the Boston area.  It could be a gorgeous sunny day, but if the Sox are 6 games back on the loss side, then people are walking around with their own personal rain clouds overhead.  Let’s see if the mood changes when the Sox have their home opener.

It gets late early out there.


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